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Do you feel?

  • Strange after coming home from combat?
  • Uncomfortable with those you know?
  • Unable to sustain intimate relationships?

Are you wary?

  • Of those you don't know?
  • Of those who use too many words.
  • Of those who show too many emotions?

Welcome home, soldier. You survived the doing of war. Now let's look at what it means to be back home.

You may not know you are still living by some pretty primal rules that kept you alive in combat.

If you've just come back from war in Iraq, or if you came home years ago from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, or any other war, this site is for you-as well as for those who might fight in future wars.

It is also a site for those women and children who love you, the family who lives with you, and any who want to have a good life with you. Try to let them.

This site sheds new light on Post Truamatic Stress Disorder from war and the ways we are affected by war, even if we have never been involved in combat.

This is about men's inner lives during combat and long afterwards, told in a style pretty much the way I have heard it over the years from combatants themselves. I am talking psychology here, the kind of psychology you never learn about in psychology classes, in churches or temples, or in the marketplace, but which is real and universally persistent in the wake of war, even though you may only have heard about war trauma since the war in Viet Nam.

This site is based on the upcoming book, TEARS OF MEN: WHAT WAR DOES TO MEN AND THE REST OF US, now in its final editing.